SBI Clerk Exam 2016 – Cut Off Analysis

The State Bank of India hosts only one online examination for the clerical cadre every year. As the competition is high, most aspirants are worried about cut offs.  You have to secure the minimum score to get eligible for the cut off.We are giving here the information for Expected and Previous year SBI Clerk Exam Cut Off Scores.

sbi clerk 2016 cut off

What is a SBI Clerk cut off score?

A cut off score is the benchmark set by the examining authority to segregate potential candidates from other participating candidates. The objective of this cut off score is to filter the best candidates to the interview round. Usually, the cut off score for SBI Clerk Exam is in between 125 to 145.

Expected SBI Clerk Exam 2016 Cut Off 

Here is a rough estimate of the cut off score which SBI will place to filter the candidates to the next round.

Category Cut Off Score Full Marks
ST 98.75 200
SC 108.25 200
OBC 129 200
General 140.75 200

What is sectional cut-off?

Every competitive exam has a sectional cut off as well as an overall cut off. The sectional cut off is the minimum score which a candidate must score in a particular section in order to proceed to the next level and an overall cut off score is the cumulative of all sectional scores with or without more addition to the total.

What are the factors that affects SBI Clerk cut off 2016?

There are various factors which affect the cut off marks of SBI Clerk Exam 2016. Some of them are:

  • Overall performance of the candidates

The first factor is the overall performance of the candidates. The cut off score includes consideration for computed standard deviation, which is computed as of the total marks scored by all the candidates who had appeared for the exam.

  • Standard of the paper

The relationship between paper difficulty and cut off marks is inverse in nature. If the paper is tough, then the cut off will be lower and vice versa. However, sometimes if the overall performance is good, irrespective of the paper being tough, the cut off may be decided on the higher side.

  • Reservations

There are certain reservation quota as well. The cut off for them is generally lower than the cut off for the general category. This is why there are always are numerous cut offs in competitive exams.

  • Marking style

Negative marking, correct answer rewards, etc., also play a role in determining the cut off. For an instance, ever since negative marking has been introduced, the cut off has score has fallen from 150 to 130.

It is important for every candidate to make good preparation for the exam. His objective should not be to clear the cut offs, but to give his best by trying to score as much as possible. The SBI Clerk exam is a golden opportunity for the candidates to prove their potential and cut off is just a checkpoint for the candidates to realize their present worth.

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