IBPS Clerk VS IBPS PO : Comparison

How does it feel when you see meet an old friend of yours who has got into a government job with additional benefits and perks? That particular moment makes you think “I wish I could I have it”. Who doesn’t like a job which will offer you with additional benefits and privileges along with the basic pay? Everybody does crave for an option like this. What if you have two jobs in your hand and have to choose among them? Will you make a random choice? We would suggest you not to do so and go for a wise and sensible decision based on some important factors.

Well, when it comes to choose between options like IBPS PO or IBPS Clerk, it can be a tough decision indeed. We bring you a comparison between IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk. Let us see who takes a landslide victory.

The following discussion revolves around factors such as:

a. Job profile (Roles and Responsibilities)

b. Salary

c. Perks and benefits

d. Future growth

At times it becomes very difficult to take a decision when dynamic options like these two are in your hand and you need to choose one among them. Well, let us help you out in this regard and we are sure this article will make you enable to decide with ease.

#a: Job Profile (Roles and Responsibilities):

IBPS Clerk:

  1. Work as a front office person
  2. Having interaction directly with the public
  3. Entering details of the daily transactions


  1. Service providing to customers
  2. Enhancement of bank business
  3. Cash transactions handling
  4. Management of payment clearances and customer accounts
  5. Official communication

#b: Salary:

The salary of an IBPS Clerk would be of Rs 18, 100- 19, 800 approx. including allowances. Whereas the salary of an IBPS PO is 37,360 -38,700 per month approx.

But then in case of IBPS PO, a part of your salary will be invested in your transfers and other expenses as you will face regular transfers in case of bank jobs.

#c: Perks and benefits:

IBPS PO: Apart from the basic pay, you get other benefits like contribution pension scheme, medical aid for your own self and for your family, home travel concessions, leave fair concessions, Concession interests for housing, cars, loans etc.

IBPS Clerk: Apart from the basic pay, an IBPS Clerk enjoys the following allowances for his/ her welfare: Dearness Allowance, Special Allowance and HRA.

#d: Future Growth:

IBPS PO: In case of bank jobs, promotions occur every 2- 3 years and in the scale given below:

  • Bank PO
  • Assistant Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • AGM (Assistant General Manager)
  • GM (General Manager)

IBPS Clerk: As we all know that IBPS Clerk is the starting point of job in any Bank. This implies that you will get abundant opportunities to get promoted to an officer cadre.

  • As an IBPS Clerk you will be confirmed after 6 months of service.
  • After a span of few years, you will become eligible for a promotional exam. If you clear this exam you can become a Trainee Officer (TO).
  • After that he comes at the same level of PO, and all the future promotion prospects will be same to him as that of a PO.


We hope that this article helps you to consider all of the factors above and help you make a wise decision. Stay tuned for more updates. We wish you good luck!
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