Best Ways to increase GK and Current Affairs

General Knowledge and Current affairs are two sections which can get you a good score if prepared well. While preparing for any Competitive Exams an effective preparation in these categories is essential. This will not only prepare you for the written exam, but you will also be ready for any kind of interview or debate/group discussion round. A lot of students ignore this section and only prepare for these sections at the end by referring to some book. However, it is best to prepare on a daily basis once you decide to attempt for any competitive examination. You must be prepared with at least 6 months of current affairs and GK.


GK is a valuable information related to Science, social interest, culture,civilization, community or nation gathered from a range of various media platforms. Few ways listed in this article to increase GK and current affairs.

Subscription to a Newspaper:

Newspapers are a wonderful source to upgrade your GK. Newspapers offer up-to-date information related to politics, sports, fashion, and various other interests too. Tips below:

  • Reading News Paper daily should be an activity for a set duration every morning, ideally that is the best time to get an update about the news. It helps in two ways, one is covering the current affairs as well as improving your vocabulary. Most aspirants look up to ‘The Hindu’, ‘The Times of India’ etc.

Reading GK books:

Reading constantly to update your GK Today, it helps in a great way and that is one of the best ways to update your GK.

  • Take a membership in a local library which is a source of various books, it is an ocean of knowledge. Most library memberships are quite affordable at low costs, so this can help you look up to increasing your GK. Take the guidance from the librarian to find the best books on GK in their library.
  • If you are someone who love to keep a collection of books and read, you can find weekly sale in the bookstores or online.

Join a book club or social group online/offline:

  • Try expanding your circle by socializing in such groups where you get to exchange information with similar as well as varied interests. Such groups help you in a great way. Discussing about books, current affairs, events, history or politics with others will enhance your GK, confidence and thought-process too.
  • Such clubs are found everywhere, search online to find and join one. Or even online forums too are good enough.

Practice From GK Quiz:

Make it a habit to practice from important current affairs and GK quiz and online GK practice papers in order to analyse your preparation level for GK and Current Affairs for various competitive exams. We can get monthwise and topicwise GK quiz related to various matters. It will certainly help you to score good marks.

Watch National news channels:

Television is one of the bright and widely used resources to increase your GK and current affairs.

  • Try to stay tuned to watching television channels such as CNN, educational channels like NGC which airs documentaries, films based on facts and instructional programming to enhance your overall knowledge.
  • Watching news channels is a passive exercise, set a time to watch such programmes.

Lastly, make use of the technology and also do some smart work if you are a person who likes to read online, you can subscribe to the Newspaper online at a reasonable cost. At a click of a button, you get to read about the happenings around you. Search for information online using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Sign up for news alerts as well.