IBPS Specialist Officer (SO) Preparation Tips

  1. Make a time table: Not a fool proof one. Time tables are not meant to follow them strictly and tightly specially for exams like SO. Following more than 80% of the schedule works well.
  2. Make strategy: Do not read/learn all the subjects in a single day. Make a proper strategy which suits your environment and follow it accordingly.
  3. Know your Strong section: Some students have leaning towards General Awareness other are good at Maths and Reasoning. Some are from convent and so are good in English. You can be strong in your professional course too. Just know your strength by solving previous year question paper or sample papers and polish your strength.
  4. Know your weaker section: Everyone has their own weakness and they have a unique way to counter it. Some know it, some are still struggling with their weakness. Remember, no strategy can help you in the path of  success if do not know your weakness. Your weakness can be found by the same way you find your strength. By practice! Here comes one more confusion. Weaker section vs Less-prepared section. There may be few sections(for example probability) which you think you are weak in it but in reality, you lack the logic and formula. This can be strengthened with dedicating more time in practice. On the other hand there can be few sections (like statistics: few people can’t understand the stats naturally and it is okay) with can not be strengthened even if practice for lifetime. The only way here is to leave later type of section and give more time of practice to previous type.
  5. Revise everything: It is human nature to forget. The information you store in your mind fades with time. So to keep it green, keep revising.

IBPS SO online test series

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Section wise preparation tips for IBPS SO Exam:


Reasoning would consist of topics like Blood Relation, Round Table, Sitting Plan, Syllogism, Mirror Images. To prepare for this section, one must develop logical skills and sharpen one’s mental alertness. This can be done by practicing and solving past question papers and model question papers.


This test usually comprises word meanings, spotting common errors, comprehension, synonyms and antonyms, grammar tests, etc. This is supposed to be a scoring section and to prepare for this, one can begin by regularly reading English newspaper and magazines, watching English news daily, learning few new English words daily, accompanied with their antonyms and synonyms. Do strengthen your grammar by solving online grammar tests and reading basic grammar books.

Quantitative Aptitude

This test will have questions from topics like Data Interpretation, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Simplification, Discount, Average, Probability with Sets theory, Number System, Series, etc. To prepare for this section, go back to the basics and clear your concepts. Ensure that you learn to manage time in an efficient manner such that you are able to attempt and answer all the questions. In the process, also try also to learn small tricks and short-cuts that will help you solve the sums easily. The bottom line to score well in this section is practice, practice and practice as many sums as possible from model question papers and past question papers. Try to take mock online test also if possible.


All the best for the exam.